North Carolina State University

North Carolina State has invited NCSSM to nominate ten outstanding seniors for the Park Scholarship. This comprehensive scholars program provides a superb educational opportunity for exceptionally talented and well-prepared young men and women to develop leadership skills and commitment to public service. It provides a four-year award (valued at over $80,000 in-state) including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, travel and personal expenses, as well as a computer stipend, opportunities for study abroad, grants for research and artistic projects, and yearly enrichment activities.

The Park Scholarship is a merit based award, though candidates must be United States citizens. Selection is based on four criteria:

To be considered for nomination by the NCSSM Scholarship Nominating Committee for the Park Scholarship, please submit a word processed hardcopy of the following information to the Academic Programs Office (Watts 101) no later than Friday, September 18, 2009:

In order of significance to you—

A. List up to five academic or extracurricular activities, including the nature of your involvement, any leadership roles and/or projects you undertook.
B. List up to five service activities, including the nature of your involvement, any leadership roles and/or projects you undertook.
C. List up to five other activities, including work experiences, creative pursuits, travel or enrichment opportunities.
D. List up to five recent honors or awards, including the reason you received them.

A concise essay (500 word maximum—though not necessary) for each of the following questions:

1. Describe a time when you explored an idea or issue of personal interest in depth. How did you go about this process? How has this prepared you to approach learning about the next topic of great interest to you during your collegiate years?

2. In some parts of the world, the concept of a “gap year” is rather common among students. Individuals sometimes choose to take a year between high school and university, or between university and graduate school or employment, and participate in a service experience. If you had the opportunity to take a year of your life to devote to addressing a social issue through service (assume that finances are not a concern), how would you choose to spend your year and why? Be sure to include examples from your past experiences that illustrate why this proposed plan would be of interest to you.

The Park Scholarship also invites Self-Endorsement for those students not nominated by their school committee. Since NCSSM could reasonably endorse many more seniors for the Park each year, please consider that possibility after the Scholarship Nominating Committee has announced its decision in early October

Important: Should you choose to initiate the application process on the Park Scholarship website, do not submit your information until you know for certain whether you are nominated (i.e. Endorsed) by NCSSM or are Self-Endorsing. If you are Self-Endorsing you must bring the Transcript Request Form to Tom Clayton in the Academic Programs Office (Watts 101)—do not request transcripts through the Counseling link in your Uni-Center account—as it is Academic Programs that will provide the multiple copies of your transcript for the Park Scholarship as well as for your required on-line NC State Admissions Application.

If you have questions regarding the scholarship or any aspect of the nomination process, please contact Tom Clayton in the Academic Programs Office or visit the Park Scholarship website (

Deadline for submitting your completed application to the Academic Programs Office (Watts 101) is Friday, September 18, 2009!